How soon should you book wedding music ?

You’re engaged! You’ve picked a date, and found a great setting for your wedding ceremony and reception. Now when do you book wedding music ?  When is the right time to contact the musician or musicians you choose?

Unlike some wedding services providers like, say, the florist who can provide flowers for a number of different ceremonies on the same day, a live musician is only able to play for one event at a time. For this reason, it’s good to contact your musician as soon as you are sure of your date. Many wedding musicians get very busy, especially on summer weekends. I already have bookings into 2016. However, even if you have left it rather late, the musician may just happen to be free on the lovely July afternoon you’ve chosen, so it’s always worth trying! If the musician you wanted is unavailable, she or he may be able to suggest a colleague who might be free.
* * *
And don’t forget: if the time (or location) of your ceremony gets changed, don’t forget to let all the people involved, including your musician, know about it! I remember sitting on a beach, with all the guests and the wedding party, waiting for the officiant to come because the bride had forgotten to notify him of a time change (luckily, it was a nice afternoon and no one minded too much: I played lots of extra music that time)