About the Harp Types

Gwyneth plays two different harps, suiting the size, style and type of harp to the setting and requirements of the wedding or other event. Both harps have a beautiful tone and full resonance. The harp makes a unique contribution to the atmosphere of a celebration in a church, a garden, or even on the beach. Harps are played in various forms around the world.  Lending a uniquely beautiful colour to romantic and modern music, harps are played in symphony orchestras, jazz ensembles and traditional folk groups, and as solo instruments in many settings.

Brilliant Harp Celtic Harp
Gwyneth plays a Brilliant Harp which is a 34 string, lever-style floor harp. It retains all the character and warmth of an all wood instrument while being lightweight enough to easily take to virtually any location. The brilliant harp is a lively cherry red colour with a gigantic voice. The Celtic harp is a somewhat smaller harp with a clear and vibrant sound.  Lighter and more portable than the concert grand harp, it has 36 strings, and sharping levers instead of pedals. Traditional, folk and some classical music sound lovely on the Celtic harp.