Harp Music Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria BC


Craigdarroch Castle, high on a hill in Victoria, B.C., Canada, celebrates Christmas each year with seasonal decorations festooned throughout its many rooms, and brings in musicians to play morning and afternoon throughout the month of December.  Gwyneth played in the musician’s alcove on the grand staircase at Craigdarroch Castle, on December 28th.  The rich wood panelling of the hallways in the Edwardian castle supplied splendid natural amplification,  and the gentle sounds of the harp could be heard throughout the castle, although some guests chose to sit on the stairs or on the balcony overlooking the alcove to listen.  As the photo shows,  couple of very young visitors knelt on stairs right below to get as close as possible to the harp!   Gwyneth played traditional carols and Christmas music on an antique gold concert harp which was from the same era as the castle (about 1905).  A harp just like this one might very well have been played in Craigdarroch Castle by one of the girls of the Dunsmuir family or their friends, or even brought in for a special concert or party.

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